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Ten thousand displaced people and almost 7 thousand hectares of land on fire in the Gironde region, around Bordeaux. Macron: European solidarity is already at work. Thank you

Germany, Greece, Poland, and in the next few hours Romania and Austria: our partners come to the aid of France to cope with the fires. Thank you. European solidarity at work. French President Emmanuel Macron wrote it on Twitter when he thanked the five EU countries who immediately offered aid to France, struggling with a fire of hectares that seems indomitable. The reference to the dramatic situation of these hours in the woods of the Gironde, the prefecture that belongs to Bordeaux, where more than ten thousand citizens have been displaced and at least twenty houses are charred. For the people evacuated from the burning areas a moment of waiting and worry. Save all lives, save all that can be saved, then rebuild: no one will be forgotten, added the French president. Throughout our territory over 10 thousand firefighters and civil protection officers are mobilized against the flames. And again: These soldiers of the fire are our heroes. In these hours German firefighters are on their way to the affected areas in the south-west of France; other reinforcements to the French firefighters will arrive from the rest of Europe.

Meanwhile, the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, have flocked to the Bordeaux region. The flames have already devastated 6,800 hectares of land. We have never mobilized so many meansBorne told reporters in the Hostens resort. Borne also stated that a criminal origin can be suspected for the reactivation of the fires in the Gironde, and in fact the arson trail is the most accredited. Only between eight and nine this morning would several outbreaks have opened in various points of the green area.

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