Ailen Bechara Made the Spider and Let Us Sting the …

Ailen Bechara

The model left impressive photos of her passage through the Argentine beaches.

The model and dancer Aylén Bechara is another of the national figures that were re-propelled in her media presence through the Showmatch Dancing.

In addition, it became relevant towards the end of last year by revealing that her father was homosexual, a fact she discovered at age 12, seeing a crossroads of mails and messages with a teacher from her.

With all these elements in tow, plus her talent and beauty to devote herself to what she does, she has become one of the most wanted girls on Instagram, where she already has more than two million followers.

The last photos she shared with her followers have to do with her walk along Argentine beaches, more precisely through the beautiful and peaceful Monte Hermoso.

And among the little pearls, “the little spider” brought us, which left the fans’ imagination stinging.



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