Air conditioners can make cities warmer

Did your loved one know? air conditioning, Is it possible that the device you rely on to stay cool on hot days is also contributing to the heating of your city?

A recent European study made this surprising discovery, revealing that the heat generated by air conditioning systems can increase the temperature of a city’s air by more than 2 degrees Celsius. Understand more below.

Effect of air conditioner

The study gained attention after French MP Mathilde Panault shared these results in a public interview. This data is based on his 2020 study, which analyzed several cities, including iconic cities. Paris.

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Research shows that the temperature increase caused by air conditioning systems is directly related to the time of day and the characteristics of the heat wave, especially the intensity of the heat wave.

The researchers used the 2003 heat wave as a starting point for their predictions. This devastating heatwave has killed more than 14,000 people in France.

Based on this frightening event, the research team found that after a nine-day heat wave similar to that in 2003, continuous use of air conditioners during this period could increase temperatures by up to 2.4 degrees Celsius. did.

But how can this happen? Now, the operation of an air conditioner is similar to that of a heat pump, in that it cools the internal space while releasing hot air into the external environment. What is the result of this? Increased heat in the urban atmosphere.

Another factor of concern is the energy consumption of these devices. They are notorious for being the biggest offenders in terms of energy consumption, accounting for around 10% of the world’s energy usage. electricity. Not only that, air conditioning systems also emit harmful gases that contribute to global warming.

This is not the first study to highlight this issue. In 2014, the study results were published. Geophysical Research Journal: Atmosphere has already demonstrated that excess heat emitted by air conditioning systems can increase ambient temperature by 1 to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

So while we enjoy the relief of air conditioning in our homes and offices on sweltering days, it’s important to remember that our comfort choices have a direct impact on the climate of our cities and the planet as a whole. It is important.

Therefore, looking for more efficient and sustainable alternatives to keep us cool is crucial to face the challenge of global warming.

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