Air strike on 17 July. Sunday of inconvenience, at least 400 canceled flights –

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In Italy from 2 to 6 pm the low cost strike starts: Ryanair, Volotea, easyJet and Malta Air. The protest also of the ENAV flight controllers. 68,000 passengers involved.

At least 400 national and international flights have been canceled today in Italy due to the four-hour strike by some staff low cost and flight controllers. In what the first, real weekend of the summer holidays, according to the analysis of the Courier Almost one out of four flights scheduled in the country today will not be made on the revised airline schedule, changing the plans of about 68,000 people (here is the list of at-risk flights).

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Working conditions

Today from 14 to 18 Italian pilots and flight attendants from Ryanair, its subsidiary Malta Air, the temporary company CrewLink (partner of the Irish carrier), easyJet and Volotea stop to ask for an improvement in working and contractual conditions. At the same time, ENAV employees also cross their arms, directing traffic over the national skies and thus leading other companies to cancel their flights in the agitation range. The inconvenience would have been greater if the strike guarantee commission had not asked – and obtained – to reduce it from 24 to 4 hours. Ita Airways announces that it has canceled 122 flights, almost 40% of its daily schedule. The Italian company explains that it has activated an extraordinary plan to limit the inconvenience of passengers, re-booking as many as possible on the first available connections: 50% will be able to fly on the same day. There low cost Spanish Volotea confirms that it has revised the plans: on the official website there are 24 canceled flights to and from Italy, about 8% of the movements it had planned for today on the entire network, according to the calculations of the Courier on the numbers provided by Airline Data Inc. EasyJet announces that it is aware of a strike that will also affect traffic controllers and adds that it has canceled some flights of its Italian program. The British carrier does not provide for a number: by crossing the data of the various airports the canceled flights amounted to 114.

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Flight controllers

Pure Ryanair does not show how many flights it will cancel today, but it is known that there will be at least 64: 16 at Cagliari, 28 at Bari and Brindisi, 20 at Malpensa. In the note, the low cost Irish – directly involved in the labor unrest – bears the responsibility for the stop of the flight controllers. We apologize to the passengers affected by this ENAV strike and related cancellations which are beyond our control. A non-casual statement, according to the experts consulted: in this way it becomes difficult for passengers to understand whether their flight has been canceled due to the ENAV strike or that of Ryanair’s staff, making any claims for compensation impossible. Dozens of other connections – operated by other companies in Italy – will be canceled or moved outside the strike time slot. The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) recalls that some flights will take off anyway: 23 national and European connections, 10 departing for the Middle East, 4 for North America and one for South-East Asia. Today, this is the third abstention from work in the skies of Italy after those of 8 and 25 June and is part of the European context of unrest of the entire air transport chain that must cope with a return of passengers to airports almost at the same levels in 2019 (pre Covid) compared to a staff that is still 25% lower than three years ago.

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