Aircraft, cargo traffic continues to grow. For passengers, Iata expects to return to pre-Covid levels in 2024

The growth in air freight traffic continued in January. World cargo traffic increased by 2.7% compared to January 2021, in terms of cargo tons per kilometer (Ctk). This was announced by IATA, the world association of airlines, noting that the rate of increase has decreased compared to December, when the growth was 9.3 percent. However, the demand is strong. Iata has resumed the publication of comparisons with the previous year, no longer with the pre Covid level (2019), which for the cargo had already been exceeded last year. For passengers, IATA estimates that traffic will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2024 alone, with 4 billion passengers, which would be 103% of the 2019 total.

Negative impact of the war

The carriers’ association says that «the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will have a negative impact on air cargo. Airspace closures will block direct connectivity for many markets connected to Russia. In general, the impact on global markets is expected to be low as goods transported to, from, within Russia accounted for only 0.6% of global cargo transported in 2021 ”.

In Russia and Ukraine many freight companies

Iata notes that “many specialized cargo companies are registered in Russia and Ukraine, especially those involved with very heavy activities”.

Differences between continents: in Europe + 7%

The market trend varies a lot according to the geographic areas. In Asia-Pacific in January there was an increase in the volume transported by 4.9%, in Africa by 12.4%, while in Europe it was 7% and in Latin America 11.9%. Instead, cargo traffic decreased compared to January 2021 in the Middle East (-4.6%) and in North America (-1.2%).

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Passengers returned to 47% of the pre-Covid level

Passenger traffic according to IATA in 2021 reached a number of travelers equal to 47% of the levels of 2019. It is expected to increase to 83% in 2022, to 94% in 2023, to 103% in 2024 and 111% in 2025. This is “a slightly more optimistic short-term scenario than in November 2021, based on the gradual easing of travel restrictions in many markets”. There have been improvements in major North Atlantic markets and within Europe.

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