AK Party Spokesperson Celik: We will bring Izmir together with the AK Party’s understanding of municipalism

AK Party member Mer Celik met the youth at the 2023 City Meeting organized by the AK Party Izmir Provincial Directorate at the Bornova Cultural Center.

Celik said he was aiming to win again in the local elections and said that Izmir is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to “lack of service”.

“Due to this municipality’s incompetence and lack of foresight, our beautiful Izmir cannot receive the services that all citizens of Izmir deserve,” Celik said.

The AK Party executive continued as follows: “Hopefully, in the coming days, we will expand our work and this time, we will bring our Izmir together with the municipality vision of the People’s Alliance and the AK Party. Whether they Call, don’t care whether it’s democracy, freedom or service. Their democracy is theirs.” “Freedom only works for them. It doesn’t work for this nation.”

‘We are seeing what a dictator looks like’

Celik also criticized the CHP and said that this party He reminded that he had talked about independence in the elections.

Celik said: “They said ‘democracy’ a lot. They come to our respected president and call him a ‘dictator’ without any shame. Now, when we see Kemal Kilicdaroglu losing the election and saving his seat despite a massive defeat What is done, we all see before our eyes what a dictator will be like, but nothing can happen to him.” Let me remind you, dictators have a specialty in the history of politics. Dictators hide behind tank guns against their own people. They can’t interact with people. When they see people, they run away. This has happened throughout the history of politics. On July 15, our President and his country went up against tanks, cannons and rifles.”

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