“Al Hamdulillah” video is going viral!

an impressive speech. Footballer Benjamin Mendy appears in court in Chester, England after being charged with rape and attempted rape, In fact, as soon as he left the court, the former player Manchester City either spoke about the verdict by saying only one word”Alhamdulillah,

Since then, this video, filmed by journalists, has spread on social networks and gone viral., Furthermore, after spending four months in custody and then having his contract terminated by Manchester City in August 2021, the footballer is happy with the decision. In other words, having been found not guilty of rape and attempted rape, she is now free and unpunished., In any case, his only desire now is to rebuild himself.

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Benjamin Mendy: An important word!

it’s about to end benjamin mendy, In fact, the matter is now closed. Therefore, it is a relief and this is the full meaning of the word “Alhamdulillah” which he used, In any case, despite the long period of investigation and verdict, Benjamin Mendy emerged a winner and free from all doubt. So, can he hope to resume a high-level career?

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