Alain Delon case: “something unusual”, his friend Bernard Montiel breaks silence and swings

A case that worries relatives and fans of the star… On Wednesday July 5, 2023, Anthony, Anoukha and Alain-Fabian Delon filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollins. Alain Delon then filed a complaint against his partner for intentional violence against a vulnerable person, moral harassment, abuse of weakness, kidnapping of a vulnerable person and violence against an animal. Bernard Montiel, close to Alain Delon, has not heard from him for two years. In fact, his friend doesn’t respond to his messages anymore. In an interview with Le Parisien on Thursday July 6, 2023 he said: “It is very sad, but I am not surprised at all. It had to happen long ago, and even before his stroke. This is known to all his relatives.,

Talking about their friendship, the host explained: “We were very close with Ellen, she used to come over to my house for the holidays. Then he spent a lot of time in Switzerland, we saw little, such is life. But we never cut the link, we called each other and I have never forgotten his birthday for more than twenty years. But In November last year, he did not give me any reply. I realized that something is wrong., When asked about Hiromi Rollins, Bernard Montiel spoke of a woman with a “very strong character” who would serve the actor for many years. “Even Mireille Dark was talking to me about it at the time as a person who was helping her”.They said.

Bernard Montiel is very worried about Alain Delon

During this interview, Bernard Montiel nevertheless felt that he was ” General “ After so long, Hiromi Rollins “takes importance” in the life of his friend. “especially since he was weakened by illness”He tripped before declaring: , But she is so present that she controls everything, it is very serious and worrying. Even though I am not in her intimacy, I was extremely surprised to find that she had presented herself as his partner, because to the best of my knowledge, she never was. , Concerned for his friend, Bernard Montiel said: “Alain Delon who no longer delivers the news, no longer answers the phone, this is not him. It’s really cool that his kids started this process.,

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