Alan Andersz in childhood. The actor showed a photo on Instagram

Alan Andersz is known primarily for his serial roles, but few people know that he started his career with dancing. Now the actor decided to reminisce about those times and posted a childhood photo on social media. See what he looked like.

Alan Andersz – childhood

Alan Andersz started dancing when he was only 8 years old. He belonged to the group with which he repeatedly won the title of the Polish Champion of Latin American youth formations. He even represented Poland several times at the European and World Championships. In 1997, he made his debut in the “Mini Playback Show”, and two years later he appeared in the TVN series “Ja, Malinowski”. What is the most beautiful memory of his childhood?

– I couldn’t pick one. Most of them revolve around various sports and television successes. The most beautiful moments were when it turned out that hard work was paying off. The first Golden Applause won with a dance formation at the festival in Konin. The first Polish championship. But also the first sunrise kiss. I like to do something for the first time – said Alan Andersz in an interview for “Gala”.

Alan Andersz in childhood

Recently, the actor has remembered this beautiful period in his life by publishing a photo on social media from years ago, in which he poses in the company of two girls. Dressed in colorful clothes, they enjoy the dance performance. It’s known that Alan in the photo is only 9 years old.

“ And here I was dancing for Britney Spears #miniplaybackshow, ” Alan Andersz wrote on Instagram.

The photo made a great impression on the artist’s observers who commented on the post in large numbers. They appreciated Alan’s hip-hop styling, as well as his beauty. Under the photo we read: “How sweety”“Wish there was nowhere to watch”, “Beautiful Memories”, “I wonder what Britney would say if she saw it” or “Gee, just hug”.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Urbanek / East News

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