Alan Pulido responds to Tuca Ferretti with satirical publication

Alan Pulido react to comments Riccardo Ferretti In it he emphasized the work he had done around him to make him no longer “a piece of wood and a donkey” and published several satirical publications.

on their first Deny ESPN Analystbecause he does not consider himself a player lacking in quality, nor is he, as he pointed out, a footballer who made his debut for Tuca in the First Division.

“I think Tuca was wrong about two things: 1. He didn’t make my debut, it was Daniel Guzman who made my debut. 2. This is not a log, as I was convinced that he would send me to a place where we already knew that Tuka ruled. ”

In the second publication, he scored goals in a high-quality Tigres jersey as he looked to become one of Mexico’s star strikers under the tutelage of Tuca Ferretti.

What did Tuca say to Alan Pulido?

When they met on the sports field, Tuca often criticized Pulido for his lack of dedication at work, even criticizing him for spending more time in front of the mirror instead of focusing on his abilities, although this was only when he described it publicly. He is called “Trunk”.

While defending this Provide opportunities for young Mexican playersthe strategist gave the example of what he did to Pulido, although in doing so He took the opportunity to fire a powerful dart at the player.

“Who gave Pulido his debut? Who dedicated an hour every day after training to make Pulido It will no longer be the original tree trunk or the original donkey What did he learn? WHO? “.

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