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Alberto Angela gave a touching speech in the funeral home of his father Piero, who passed away on August 13 at the age of 93: He lived rationally to the end, and left after a full life, as one gets up from a nice dinner with friends. For me, it was like living with Leonardo da Vinci

That of Alberto Angela to his father Pieroin the severity of the Protomoteca room, at the Campidoglio in Rome, a farewell that together as a son, as a student of the television profession, and also in the end as a colleague.

A sober yet strong greeting, to the point that Alberto he must reach the nearby room to recover and to abandon himself to a lonely cry before resuming his seat next to the mother Margherita and to sister Christine.

The essential point that secular and serene relationship with death: He taught us many things, the last teaching did it to me not with words, but with example. In the last few days he has been teaching me to do not be afraid of death. She faced it with serenity, I have never seen him in despair and fear. What is the greatest fear of the human being, he went through with a serenity that struck me.

And he immediately mentions, also on behalf of his sister Christine, the beautiful farewell to his viewers and to the working group, in which he asked everyone to do their part in what he called a difficult country: When he realized his time had come, he made a calculation, in spans. And she started doing everything you see, and you will see, again, these days. She has recorded broadcasts, even a Quark cycle that you will see. He also recorded a jazz record, rehearsing and recording. I think the people we love should never leave us. Per capita. That statement – his he last – was the last thing he said. The last speech – with little strength – that my sister and I have picked up. It seems like a speech at the end of the evening to friends: there is a lot of affection and a lot of love, for everyone. For the public, for those who loved him. managed to unite and this is a difficult skill to find.

Alberto Angela explains, in a nutshell, the meaning of that farewell: a farewell from all, aware of death very close, with a legacy that is also civil and of great depth. The Angels, all of them (Piero was like this, and the same goes for Alberto, for his wife Margherita, for his daughter Christine who elegantly touches her brother’s cheek at the end of his speech) are very discreet therefore Alberto’s amazement at the reaction on the death of his sincere father: The beautiful thing that struck us was the return on social media, on articles. I will spend the next few days thanking everyone.

Alberto adds another card to his father’s portrait: I had the feeling that I had Leonardo da Vinci at home, which always gave the right answer with a capacity for synthesis and analysis in a calm way. He loved to repeat an aphorism of Leonardo da Vinci: “Since a well spent day is happy to sleep, so is a life well used to happy to die”.

Again the theme of death returns as the inevitable and acceptable conclusion of a long and dense existence. The portrait of the father continues like this: it was also a person – I say this as a son and colleague – who dedicated himself to uniting, not dividing: while maintaining his firm opinions. A talent difficult to find. You all know his style, his touch, but the beautiful thing that struck all of us in the family was seeing these messages that came and they were not full of pain or suffering but of love, but a feeling. I only noticed this. it was something that struck me a lot. A feeling that is transformed into value: and values ​​are eternal. this is the best dress for dad, for the trip you will do.

A man who united and did not divide: this can be seen from the compactness of the pain of his work group, very united and supportive in hugs and tears.

For me – continued Alberto – will live on through books, broadcasts, jazz records, but also in all those guys who have hope in the future and seek excellencein the researchers who try to reach the goal despite all the difficulties, in all the people who try to unite and not to disunite, in the people who seek the curiosity and beauty of nature, those who try to savor life.

Everyone is now thinking of Piero Angela’s journey, which has just begun. If there is, who knows where and who knows how.

the way Alberto had announced his death on social media: Have a good trip, dad. He who never called him that: their relationship involved the use of names, as is done between colleagues who respect each other.

Then the last farewell: The legacy he leaves us all is important, ed a legacy not physical or work, but of attitude in life: what he last told us was “You do your part too”. And I’ll try to do mine.

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