Alcohol and lip augmentation. What could the consequences be?

The TikTok user ignored the doctor’s recommendations and drank alcohol after the lip augmentation procedure. She shared the unpleasant effects on the web, wanting to warn other people against making the same mistake.

Aesthetic medicine treatments, especially lip filling and augmentation, have been gaining popularity in recent years. Correction of lips allows you to quickly change their shape and size. Aesthetic medicine treatments, like all others, are an interference with the body. Therefore, certain rules and doctors’ recommendations should be followed before, during and after the procedure. One of them is to avoid drinking alcohol for some time after the procedure. What can happen if you break this rule? Kayleigh Cunningham (@ kayleighcunningham10) – TikTok user – shared her experience.

The woman underwent a procedure of filling her lips with hyaluronic acid. During the visit, she was informed about the recommendations after the procedure and possible side effects. Ultimately, however, she disregarded the alcohol recommendation and reached for wine just hours after surgery. The undesirable effects occurred very quickly. Her lips swelled considerably and the injection bruises turned red. As a result, the painful healing process was significantly extended. Kayleigh Cunningham emphasizes that he is publishing the results of his ill-considered decision to warn others about it.

Main photo source: Kayleigh Cunningham / Getty Images

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