Alec Baldwin charged again with manslaughter in death of Halena Hutchins

American actor Alec Baldwin He was charged again this Friday for the accidental death of his director of photography Helena Hutchins During the filming of “Rust” in October 2021.

Baldwin, who has always maintained that he never pulled the trigger of the revolver he was holding but that it detonated due to a mechanical failure, was acquitted of manslaughter in April 2023.

However, in October, the special prosecutors on the case announced that they would ask a grand jury to consider whether the translator should be criminally charged again for what happened.

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A grand jury indicted Baldwin again on Friday. manslaughterAccording to the New York Times.

In early October, a New Mexico judge ordered the film’s producers to turn over documents to prosecutors that could show that Baldwin, the film’s star and producer, would have been paid more if the project was delivered on time and under budget. Big profits.

The case focuses on finding out how a real bullet ended up in the drum of a prop gun that Baldwin wielded during rehearsals and ultimately shot Hutchison in Santa Fe (New Mexico) on October 20, 2021 It’s fatal.

In that state, a potential involuntary manslaughter conviction for Baldwin would mean Jailed for 18 months.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was in charge of security protocols during the taping, was also charged with manslaughter, while assistant director David Halls, who was responsible for handing the gun to Baldwin, accepted in an agreement with prosecutors Charged with a misdemeanor.


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