Alekxander Zverev and Sophia Thomalla are a couple. It will be a turbulent relationship …

A lot has happened recently in the life of the German tennis player Alexander Zverev. The successes on the court turned out to go hand in hand with turbulence on private land.

In the ATP final, after a fierce fight with Daniil Medvedev, Zverev won the prestigious Masters tournament for the second time, while funding his bank account with a nice amount of 2.3 million dollars. Meanwhile, as the tennis player revealed, his heart is again love has come.

The German athlete has yet to be known as a dream bachelor. One of his former girlfriends, Olga Sharypova, accused him publicly of violence against her. In interviews, she revealed that he had abused her and provided shocking details of their brawls and fights in hotel rooms.

She confessed that after one of the fights that took place during the Shanghai Masters tournament in 2019, she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on insulin. Sharypova’s friends presented the photos to ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players) bruises on her face and scans of the threatening and hateful messages Zverev showered her on WhatsApp.

Another partner, Brenda Patea with the athlete only a few months. In the meantime, she became pregnant with him, but in the second trimester she decided to part with the father of her child. When little Mayla appeared in the world, Zverev talked about his joy wherever he could, which his partner said with a skeptical statement:

This time it may turn out that the scythe hit the stone. The current beloved tennis player, 8 years older than him, the German model, actress and presenter Sophia Thomalla also has a turbulent past behind her. The daughter of actress Simone Thomalli, famous for her weakness for rich men and cheating on them with less wealthy but younger men, became famous for her media relationship with Rammstein’s vocalist, Till Lindemann.

In March 2016 she married Andy LaPlegua, the vocalist of the Norwegian band Combichrist, whom she then cheated on with … Lindemann. In 2017, she seduced Gavin Rossdale, just when he was officially in the media mourning after breaking up with Gwen Stefani, whom he had previously regularly revealed.

Thomalla and Zvarev seem straightforward made for each other. As a tennis player wrote in one of the joking banter in love with social media:

Well, that may turn out to be difficult, considering that neither of them has stayed in their relationships for even 10 months … For now, they are going on their first joint vacation to the Maldives.

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