Alert for Benjamin Robert in Marseille, Bastian Augusto accelerates

When he returned to competition five weeks after his last Tour in Turku (1’44″40), Benjamin Robert envisioned another scenario for the start of his second half of the season. 800 meters of the meeting at Toulousain, Marseille The favourite, did not run 50 metres. After his push phase, he stopped in the middle of the turn, clutching the back of his right thigh.

The 2023 European indoor vice-champion made a grimace and immediately walked off the track to the medical staff. Wearing a worried face, he had time to explain to the announcer that he preferred to stay as he felt a discharge in his hamstring.

first warning in training

If 25-year-old Robert was so worried, it was because he had felt pain in his hamstring during sprint sessions during his internship in Font-Romeu, but not in the same spot. She will have an MRI and ultrasound in a few hours. Being committed to the Monaco meeting on Friday, he could be forfeited. The athlete, coached by Sébastien Gammel, had already passed the minima for the Budapest Worlds in Paris (19–27 August), where he extended his record to 1’43″48″.

The race was therefore won by British Ben Pattinson in 1’45’05, and first by French Youssef Bengamié (sixth in 1’46’17).

As is often the case in Marseille, the middle distance races were particularly thrilling, with Bastien Augusto taking the 1,500 meters at the end of the event. The 23-year-old sprinter ran like a boss and despite his personal best (3’34″85, minimum 3’34″20) failed by a narrow margin against Hungary’s minimum score. Finishing second behind Spaniard Ignacio Fontes (3’34″29″), Augusto did not hide his disappointment, but found reasons for satisfaction: ” I had to find the victorious Bastion this winter. it worked today (Monday), he reacted to the antenna. I’m in good shape, we’ll have to find a new caste. In the French Championship, it will be something, but keep track of the series, it will be very difficult., ,

Raharolahy still looking for the minimum

In the women’s race, American Emily McKay threw herself over the line in 3’59” 99″, and fourth-place finisher Berenice Clayet-Merle also broke her own record in 4’05” 62″. On the other hand, it didn’t pay off for Agnes Raharolahi. The bronze medalist in the 800m at the Istanbul Indoor Euros this winter, finished 7th in 2’02” 26″ in a race where traffic was heavy. Leading 300 meters from the line, Nantes held on until the end in a tight spot Couldn’t finish and the win went to American Allie Wilson in 2’01’43. Swiss Laure Hoffmann, 2nd, and Charlotte Pizzo, 3rd, are credited with the same time: 2’01’53. Lena Candissounon, who already had the minimum score in her pocket, finished 6th in 2’02” 21″.


In the competition, long jumper Hilary Kapcha finished third with a throw of 6.64 m. As she came out of the work cycle, the world No. 11 Toulouse landed two jumps that went over 6.80m. It was São Tomé jumper Agate de Sousa (7.03m this season) who won with a jump of 6.70m. In the javelin throw, Grenadian world champion Andersen Peters was satisfied with a throw of 78.17m and finished second behind Moldovan Andrian Mardare (79.46m).

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