Alessia Pifferi was beaten by the other inmates in prison

Alessia Pifferi, the 36-year-old woman from Milan arrested on charges of leaving her one and a half year old daughter Diana to die of hardship, was allegedly beaten in prison by the other inmates. The woman’s lawyer, Solange Marchignoli, made known what happened, speaking with the local press.

Pifferi was allegedly attacked, grabbed by the hair and slapped while she was reaching a nun who is assisting her. The other prisoners would therefore have taken advantage of one of the few moments in which Alessia Pifferi is not in isolation. According to the lawyer, the woman would now live in prison “in fear that someone could make her pay behind bars”.

“No psychic discomfort for Alessia Pifferi”

Alessia Pifferi is accused of having left the child at home alone for six days to be with her boyfriend in the province of Bergamo. The judge, in ordering the prison, writes that she “has put before the possibility of maintaining a relationship with her partner even at the cost of inflicting enormous suffering, which has come down to her” to cause the death of her daughter.

And the request for a defense consultant to be sent to prison was rejected for the second time. The lawyers’ intent was to have a neuroscientific consultation drawn up. Alessia Pifferi “has never had, in her life, any history of psychic distress or psycho-pathology” and “even after entering prison, as the reports of the Internal Psychiatry Service attest, she has always shown herself aware, oriented and adequate “, the words of Judge Fabrizio Filice in motivating the” No “.

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