Alex Rodriguez takes revenge on Jennifer Lopez. What is tabloid reporting?

Alex Rodriguez cannot come to terms with the fact that his ex-fiancée found happiness quickly after the break-up. For this at the side of the former partner Ben Affleck. Tabloid reports that he is preparing revenge.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez they have long been one of the most beautiful couples in show business. They started dating in 2017 and were happy to be together in salons. When they showed up on the red carpet, they caught the attention of all photojournalists. After two years of dating, an engagement ring appeared on the singer’s finger. They began planning a grand wedding, and their plans were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic. Already at the beginning of this year, the colored press reported that it had caused a crisis in their relationship. However, the lovers denied these reports for a long time. After all, after many articles about the fact that they were no longer a couple, they released an official statement in which they reported on the breakup of the relationship.

The relationship between the artist and baseball player is a thing of the past. Now fans live the fact that their favorite has returned to her former love. J.Lo meets with Ben Affleck, whom she was engaged to years ago. The tabloid reports that Alex cannot get over this and will take revenge.

Alex Rodriguez takes revenge on Jennifer Lopez

According National Enquirer Rodriguez tells anyone who wants to listen to him that Lopez is weak in bed. Their passion, according to what he reports, faded long ago and they finally broke up due to his sexual demands, which the star failed to live up to.

Alex defends his behavior, saying Jennfier pushed him into it. Their spark faded a long time ago, and for most of the year they were quite cold with each other before they thought they were breaking up, says the informant.

Apparently Rodriguez does not leave a thread on the ex-fiancée.

Rodriguez says it was like dating the Ice Queen, and he feels sorry for the next guy J.Lo got involved with.

It seems so petty, however, that it’s hard to believe that Rodriguez can talk like that about an ex-sweetheart.

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