Alex Rodriguez with his daughters at dinner. Showing blank for Jennifer Lopez. Can’t cope with the breakup?

The latest photo that Alex Rodriguez posted on Instagram provided space for media and fans to speculate. The athlete boasted a lavishly set dinner table with his daughters. Interestingly, there were three empty seats at the table – exactly as many as needed to fill them up … Jennifer Lopez with the kids.

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Alex Rodriguez left an empty seat at the table. Waiting for Jennifer Lopez?

In Alex’s photo, the athlete consumes a meal with his daughters – Natasha (16) and Ella (13). Three empty spaces draw attention in the warmly styled photography. The tabloids and fans began speculating that it was a wink at J.Lo and a discreet invitation for her kids to hang out again.

This is not the first time that Rodriguez has seemed as if he had not fully understood his breakup with Lopez. On the eve of the announcement about their separation, the athlete posted a video on his InstaStories in which he tagged Jennifer Lopez’s profile in a heart. The video shows a locker (possibly in the athlete’s home) that has several frames with shared photos of Lopez and her children. At the end, the camera focuses on the largest frame that shows the words “Jennifer + Alex” in the heart with an arrow drawn in the sand.

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We remind you that the artist, after parting ways with Aleks Rodriguez, is seen with her ex-fiancé – Ben Affleck. The pair, which used to be at the peak of popularity, returns to the language of commenting on show-business salons after more than 18 years.

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Could Alex just come to terms with the loss of J. Lo?

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