Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman: this is what she would look like!

September 19, 2023


Richard Martini

Alexandra Daddario (White Lotus) remains a popular choice to reprise the role of Wonder Woman in the DCU. New fan art shows how the Baywatch-could resemble the iconic DC Comics character.

The image shows a costume that appears to be inspired by the outfit she wore in the DC Rebirth era. With a nod to the New 52 version of Wonder Woman.

Daddario as Wonder Woman
Although no official announcement has been made regarding Daddario’s portrayal of Wonder Woman, speculation is rife that he might reprise the role. We know that Gal Gadot, the current interpreter of Wonder Woman, could leave behind the heroine of the Lasso of Truth.

It appears that Gal Gadot remains involved with the franchise, but perhaps in another capacity. This opens the door to speculation about a new portrayal of Wonder Woman by Daddario in the DCU.

Wonder Woman 3
Gal Gadot has expressed her love for the role of Wonder Woman and indicated that she will remain involved in future DCU projects. But other sources report that there are no future plans for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman 3 From DC.