Alexandra Daddario confirms: “I was at home when an armed stalker showed up at the door”

Alexandra Daddario recently confirmed that she was inside her home in Hollywood when an armed stalker showed up at her home.

Last month one stalker was arrested by the LAPD outside the home of Alexandra Daddario: Initially we did not know if the actress was present at the time of the incident but today it turns out that Alexandra even spoke to the man, who later turned out to be armed with a gun.

According to the statement from Daddario and her boyfriend Andrew Form, a man showed up at their door and Andrew believed he might be a construction worker. However, when the star began to converse with him, the stalker said nothing and became visibly nervous.

The police arrived later, arrested the man and found a gun in his car. After her arrest, the stalker paid bail, leading law enforcement to suggest that the actress leave her home for her safety, which she apparently did, while also filing a restraining order against the man. , identified as David Adam Cako.

The legal statement also revealed further information on the stalker’s motives: apparently, the man claimed that it was actually Alexandra Daddario who was stalking him. Police said the man believed the star was monitoring her home via satellite and that she mentioned her name in her YouTube videos, which the actress obviously denied.

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