Alfa Romeo, all models on the way. And there will also be a supercar

Alfa Romeo has long struggled to make a major impact on the American market, but it will take yet another model to win over the US clientele it will have to be a large car. The house, however, is still trying to determine what the new model should look like. The bodywork variables would be between crossover, suv and sedan, but they are to be defined.

The great Alfa Romeo will be decided by 2022

Probably the great Alfa Romeo will not be a real direct competitor, for example, of BMW’s maxi SUVs, the X5 or X6. “We want to find the right mix – explained Jean-Philippe Imparato, the manager of the Biscione brand several times – it is a decision that we will take anyway by the end of this year”. The new model will therefore be crucial in the rebirth of the Alfa Romeo brand.

Halfway between a crossover and a sedan

According to the most recent rumors, the car could be an absolute novelty for Alfa Romeo and halfway between a sedan and a crossover, such as the new Peugeot 408, also an integral part of the Stellantis group. To define where the new model will be produced. It will be expressly developed to satisfy the tastes of American motorists, albeit in the first instance.

Designed for the US, China and even Europe

Which doesn’t mean it will necessarily be produced in North America. Although there is still a lot to decide on the new vehicle, Imparato said that conquering the US market will obviously be the key to conquering all the international markets, the Asian ones and the countries of the Old Continent. The offer of a large vehicle therefore targets both the American, but also the Chinese and European markets.

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The model for the international markets will be made

The new model will be key to realizing Alfa Romeo’s ambitions to become Stellantis’ international premium brand. In fact, since it became part of the automotive group resulting from the merger between FCA and PSA, Alfa Romeo has been asked to become a volume car manufacturer and this means focusing a little less on sportier models and focusing on much more on those with a premium vocation.

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