Alfred Hitchcock trivia: Dakota Johnson anecdote

Suspended between myth and fiction, Alfred Hitchcock’s life continues to be an enigma even 42 years after the master’s death. Undisputed genius of the seventh art, the British director has a very unflattering fame on the set, especially after a background revealed by Dakota Johnson.

Over the course of half a century of career, Alfred Hitchcock he directed fifty-three feature films: the first twenty-three – from 1925 to 1939 – belonging to the so-called British period; the subsequent ones, following his transfer to the States, belonging to US period. Each of them represents an important piece in the construction of his poetics, which allowed him to introduce peculiar concepts such as the artifice of MacGuffin or the suspense.

Technically innovator – as demonstrated by the particular system used in Vertigo – The woman who lived twiceborn from a combination of a zoomed out tracking shot – the thrill master continues to teach today. Still, her fame on set was anything but flattering. From dominating tendencies towards his blonde muses, da Grace Kelly to Kim Novak as far as Tippi Hedrento the cruel jokes towards the other actors: here are the dark sides of Alfred Hitchcock.

The “dark side” of the genius of the big screen

Always jealous of his private life, as was his family, Alfred Hitchcock only has information that he himself has decided to divulge. A partial portrait, however, of the genius of the seventh art, whose only authorized biography was that of Russel Taylor, in 1978. But it was thanks to the work of Daniel Spoto, The dark side of Hollywoodwhich we had an overall picture of the thrill master. Thanks to the collection of a series of interviews from screenwriters and collaborators who came into contact with the British director, the public got to know the other face of Hitchcock.

Grace Kelly and Janet Leight

In addition to the subtle irony, in fact, the director of timeless cult such as Psyco, Notorious, The window on the courtyard And Vertigo – The woman who lived twice he was the author of several oddities on the set, sometimes even colored with a certain “cruelty”. It is said, for example, that he made a bet with an actor, who confessed that he would have quietly spent the night on the set. Unbeknownst to him, Alfred Hitchcock administered a laxative in his coffee, causing him a gratuitous humiliation the next day.

Dakota Johnson and the anecdote about Alfred Hitchcock: “He was a tyrant

This one’s dominating trend he had maximum expression especially towards his “attractive blondes”. Women endowed with a beauty at times algid, certainly sophisticated, which well represented, suited the aesthetic taste of Alfred Hitchcock, unlike Marilyn Monroe And Brigitte Bardot because, according to the director: “Poor Marilyn Monroe had ses * on every corner of her face, like Brigitte Bardot. You can’t make good films with them because there can be no surprise, the surprise of sex is missing. ” In short, graceful angels, like Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Vera Miles, Ingrid Bergman And Tippi Hedrenoften submissive and never “brash”.

Tippi Hedren

In particular, the last of the divas mentioned, protagonist of Birds And Marnieit seems she was the one who most of all suffered the “tyranny” of thrill master. It was revealed by the niece of Tippi Hedrendaughter of Melanie Griffithwho followed in the footsteps of his grandmother and mother: Dakota Johnson. In an interview granted to Vanity Fair in fact he admitted: “What happened to my grandmother was horrible because Hitchcock was a tyrant. He was talented and prolific – and important in artistic terms – but power can poison people. ” In particular, the interpreter rose to prominence for the saga of Fifty Shades spoke of the macabre gift that the thrill master he would do to Melanie Griffith when she was a child: a miniature replica of Tippi Hedren inside a coffin.

In short, behind that obscured mythical image of a man, which has remained shrouded in mystery for a long time, there is a more complex and stratified figure, which goes beyond the simple Hollywood entertainer. The portrait of a multifaceted artist emerges, perhaps fought by his own inner demons, but certainly essential for the progress of the seventh art.

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