Algeria: Belmadi lost his temper in the middle of the match

algeria football , At the end of the match between the Algerian team and Senegal in Dakar, Fenix ​​coach Djamel Belmadi completely lost patience for some strange reason.

Indeed, the coach was filmed by camera complaining about several mistakes by the Senegalese players, but the whistle was not blown. It was in the 90th minute, as the match reached its final stages, that Jamel Belmadi called out to the referee as well as the Senegalese officials to express his dissatisfaction. Since the topic of arbitration was very sensitive for the coach, he could not control his anger.

As a reminder, the Algerian team defeated the Lions of Teranga on their own lawn by 1 goal to 0 in Dakar thanks to a brilliant free kick taken by Riyad Mahrez and a deep push by Nguet Fares Chaabi. The new Frankfurt native scored his first goal in March, just a few months after his first selection. Algerian supporters were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief for their team after a performance against Tanzania that had caused much ink to be spilled.

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