Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s alleged mistress attacks: “Ukrainians Nazis”. Who is the former athlete now manager called “the contortionist”

Ukrainians Nazis“. To accuse is Alina Kabaeva38, former Russian rhythmic gymnastics champion and secret lover of Vladimir Putin. She does it as a winner of dozens of medals, but also as a former political woman. You as a former Duma member of parliament. She expresses herself thus on the “ashamed of disqualification IOC”, Harshly attacking the exclusion of Russia from Comitted International Olympic. He talks about the four-year ban from the Olympics, in 2019, and connects it to today’s events. “I believe there has never been a more shameful page in the history of world sport”, He explains in his harsh statements to Tass. And he adds, regarding the ban on sportsmen: “They did not worry and did not remove from the competition any country that participated in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria”. He adds that instead “the sports officials they got very angry when Russia decided to protect Donbass and Lugansk as Nazis “.
Kabaeva, who still carried the torch in the inaugural ceremony at the Sochi Olympics in 2014, recalls the case of the exclusion of Russia for doping from the 2019 Olympics as proof of the persecution. For her, behind this decision for the duration of four years, there would be the desire to “humiliate the Russians”.

The rhythm star was a teammate, in 1998, in the Aurora Fano, of the blue Laura Zacchilli who today remembers as a shy and smiling girl. Her nickname in the world of sports? “The contortionist”. Originally from Uzbekistan, Kabaeva was coached by Irina VinerUzbek from Samarkand, current president of the Russian Gymnastics Federation and wife of Aliser Usmanov, the richest man in Russia. He had a great talent in rhythm, an uncommon expressiveness and flexibility. But he didn’t like being in the spotlight. She was shy too when she had become a star with dozens of medals. He could have won gold already in Sydney, but he only took silver. But in 2004, in Athens, he was the protagonist. In 2017 the return to Italy, to Pesaro as World Cup ambassador, and delivery to the blue Milena Baldassarri of the ‘Kabaeva prize’.

What about private life? The first news about the relationship with President Putin dates back to 2008. At that time Putin was still married to Lyudmila Skrebneva and certainly could not formalize. But she thought about it the Moscow Komsomol news channel to report the news. Immediately after, however, canceled. Putin and Kabaeva had been seen together several times and it was becoming increasingly difficult, despite attempts, to hide that association. Kabaeva was an independent woman. She was also a member of parliament. At the State Duma from 2007 to 2014, he represented the United Russia party. She and she is one of the highest paid Russian women of all time. In 2009, for example, you earned almost 13 million rubles, in 2011 11.5 million. She also owns several plots of land and apartments. She today she is chairman of the board of directors of the National Media Group, a media group that controls various newspapers and television channels. But his life beyond the gymnastics podium, his previous political activity and today’s managerial activity is top secret. No confirmation, but not even denial, on the news leaked in recent days. She would be holed up in a chalet in Switzerland with the four children of the Russian leader, all with Swiss passports. And that is where these latest declarations would have started too.

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