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Thursday 8 December Italia 1 airs Point Break, the 2015 film remake of the cult film of the same name from the early 90s with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

Point Break

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Thursday 8 December Italy 1 broadcast point breaks, the movie of the 2015 remakes of the homonymous film cult of the early 90s with Patrick Swayze And Keanu Reeves. In the feature film we find again JohnnyUtah, the FBI agent who for stop a band of thieves daredevils will have to infiltrate among them. In this remake, however, the challenges between the members of the group are not on boards from surf, but they will see i protagonists take part in some of the extreme sports most dangerous in the world.

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JohnnyUtah he is an ex sample from extreme sports. After the death of a close friend in a motocross accident, he decides to give up on his old life join the FBI. Become an agent back into the environment for infiltrate in a band from thieves, all reckless athletes and eco-activists.

The head of the group is Bodhi and Johnny is increasingly convinced that they are the responsible of some of the largest robberies occurred in recent times. More and more convinced of wanting them unmask, the agent yes will pretend one of They and will begin to face their own challenges.

The gang also wants to bring in fulfillment the notorious ones Eight trials by Ozaki, a path beyond human limits, which leads towards spiritual enlightenment: some of the challenges include climb with bare hands Angel Falls Venezuelans, ride waves very high a Maui And to fly in wingsuit.

The cast

Point Break is direct from Ericson Core is in the cast we find Luke Bracey (Johnny Utah), Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi), Ray Winstone (Pappas), Teresa Palmer (Samsara), Delroy Lindo (Hall), Matias Varela (Grommet), Clemens Schick (Roach), Tobias Santelman (Chowder), Max Thieriot (Jeff), Nikolai Kinsky (Pascal Al Fariq) e Laird John Hamilton (tramp surfer).

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