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Annalisa is the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. With 18 Platinum Records and 12 Gold Records Annalisa is one of the most important singer-songwriters on the Italian scene. With her new single “Bellissima”, released on September 2, Annalisa has been chosen by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty as the new Local Muse, the perfect manifestation of the strong and tenacious personality that distinguishes her and emblem of her new musical course. Being sensual and playful are the two characteristics that unite Annalisa and nature itself Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, two realities that also match in determination, energy and awareness of the light within oneself.

“I wrote Bellissima at a decisive moment in my career, that moment when you look in the mirror and decide that once you reset all the filters you can finally build something completely new – says Annalisa – It’s a painful story, a punch in the stomach, but written with self-irony and a pinch of romantic hysteria. He makes you dance, yes, but with tears. That’s exactly how I am.” Determined, free, courageous. Like the soul that Yves Saint Laurent Beauty searches for and emanates. Annalisa boasts 7 albums, 500 million views for her videos, television broadcasts and many collaborations, both Italian and international.

In October 2022 he will take to the stages of the main Italian clubs for a tour to dance, halfway between a concert and a themed party. It was Valter Gazzano – National Make-Up Artist YSL Beauty – who did Annalisa’s make-up using the latest novelties for 2022. The All Hours Foundation luminous matte foundation was applied as the base of the make-up, which offers complete and buildable coverage, a 24-hour hold and, thanks to the formula with 77% skincare base and an even lighter texture, it gives the skin maximum comfort. In fact, it contains hyaluronic acid for a hydration boost and jasmine petal extract from the Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco to enhance the natural luminosity of the skin.

Walter explains that: “For optimal application, it is important to swipe from the center of the face outwards to unify the complexion and – where necessary – dab to increase coverage. For a more natural effect, the foundation can also be applied with the fingertips, to obtain a more natural effect, or with a sponge for a more professional finish”. The Lash Clash Mascara is the secret for a +200% volume effect on the eyelashes, a result that can be obtained in a short time thanks to the oversized double-cone brush, loading each individual eyelash for an “extreme color” impact.

With a creamy texture and a nourishing formula enriched with Iris extract from the Ourika Community Gardens, the structure of the eyelashes is strengthened. Finally, the grand finale Rouge Pur Couture The Bold, the new lipstick with bold colors, from matte black packaging with the iconic horizontal golden Cassandre that creates an effect of great impact and chromatic contrast. The texture is comfortable, soft and guarantees a long life, capable of creating an almost imperceptible satin film on the lips.

To elevate the performance of The Bold is the formula enriched with 40% skincare ingredients: red poppy oil from YSL Beauty’s Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco that gives hydration and softness, combined with grape oil that creates a smoothing effect and a luminous finish. “For correct application, place the stick in the center of the upper lip and blend towards the corners – advises Walter – and then place the stick in the center of the lower lip, making a slight zigzag movement and blend again towards the corners”.

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