All new features in FUT mode!

EA Sports revealed all the changes to the series’ most popular mode in a 7-minute-long video on Wednesday. FIFAor now EAFC, ie Ultimate Team. Are you ready to build a team with fresh, active players, including veterans? follow the leader.

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appeared about ten years ago in FIFA, the Ultimate Team mode – formerly “FIFA Ultimate Team” or “FUT” – has grown to the point that most gamers only play it, and skip the friendly matches or career modes. It must be said that the idea is absolutely brilliant: you build your team from top to bottom by competing with others online. First you choose its name, which is free, then, thanks to the internal currency of Ultimate Team – which you can also get by spending real Euros – you can customize everything by buying stadiums – hundred including Stade Velodrome, Santiago Of Bernabeu, Parc des Princes or Wembley Stadium – Jersey – No jersey yet third On the horizon… – Coach – Are you more Pep Guardiola or Patrick Vieira? – Up to the players. You ultimately determine the pattern of play and the style of the team – possession or counter-attack? Defense low and grouped or high and spread out? – Losing 5-0 in their first meeting after all!

But if you read this article, you probably already know the principle of Ultimate Team. So now let’s get down to business and new stuff.

Icon and Compromise Point in FIFA 24

The most significant development is the appearance of female players in Ultimate Team mode. We have already mentioned this addition in our previous articles on the game, especially in the article on new icons and heroes. We have received confirmation that, as far as male players are concerned, female players will be linked to other team members, men and women, without any discrimination, through three pieces of data: nationality, league and club. For example, in the 2021 and 2022 Women’s Golden Ball, Spain’s Alexia Puteles of FC Barcelona will have the maximum agreement with any other Barca player like Pedri – same league, same nationality, same club. The more your team members connect with each other, the more their starting stats increase with bonus points.

Small novelty regarding symbols: from now on, these give all players on your team, even those without a nationality link to them, a point of agreement – which goes from 0 to 3. Thanks to this defining feature, the value of Symbols, which are without question the most expensive cards in the game, is expected to increase. Finally, the Icons had the first three cards representing their growth over the course of their careers. In EAFC 24He will only have one, and not necessarily the best: in the trailer, Zinedine Zidane has a rating of 94, while the Frenchman had a rating of 96. fifa 23,

Not a revolution, but a definite evolution

The very best idea of ​​this new opus is the possibility of developing the players of his team. In previous FIFAs, basic cards – called “golds” – could not be upgraded to another level. Only special cards, particularly scalable and quite expensive to obtain, had the ability, always in relation to the real-life performance of the person concerned: as such a player passes the Champions League groups, his scalable card in general notes + 2. Takes, example. but now in EAFC 24, you’ll be able to select an element – in the trailer it’s for example Borussia Dortmund’s young striker, Youssef Moukoko (18 years old) – and increase its attributes by completing objectives – 10 goals and 2 assists and its Accuracy increases, for example, shooting. An excellent quest that brings a lot of challenges to the players.

It remains to be seen what the terms and conditions will be: can all players, from the youngest to the oldest, claim it? Will one young player be able to develop in a more significant way than the other at the end of his career? How many members of your team can you get past a milestone?

FIFA 24: One Pack, Two Stars

Another novelty, this time more substantial: the possibility of having a pack animation involving the two big players. A pack, which you can buy or win based on your performance, includes the elements for your club: players, but also coaches, stadiums, contract cards – the minimum your players must have to be able to play an encounter. The contract of a match must be – , and other elements. In years past, if you had two – or three, or four – high-value cards in your pack, the game would only display one, and you’d find the others later. In EAFC 24An animation will bring the two players – or players together, since they’ll obviously be there as well.

The design of the cards has evolved a bit, like the menu interface, for greater readability – at least, that’s the goal. EAFC 24 It will also allow you to collect all your rewards in one go, which is a welcome thought. Previously, you had to navigate between different menus to manually collect the rewards you received after an encounter. Finally, to conclude, you will no longer need to purchase a position change card to move your player, for example Kylian Mbappé, from the left winger position to his secondary position of scorer, as this will automatically allow the placement Will be done in the respective slot in your team. A delight to the draft mode, where you have to create a team by choosing from 5 players randomly proposed by the game, for each position, then win a mini-tournament of four meetings. It was very frustrating indeed, for example, to not be able to have Jadon Sancho in AD – Right Winger – and play him in your team as MD – Right Midfielder – despite his secondary position.

release date ofEAFC 24 is getting closer and the excitement is slowly starting to build among fans of the EA Sports game. It remains to be determined whether, after all the announcement effects, the game will be more enjoyable in the hand than with the annoying controller it was a far cry from in recent years.

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