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Amber Heard and relationships before and after marriage to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard is currently engaged in the libel trial filed by ex-husband Johnny Depp, which has been going on for almost a month and which is live streamed.. Those who have followed the various phases will certainly have had the opportunity to listen to the depositions of Depp and those of Heard, both tense and difficult to assimilate, full of passages graphs and violent, especially in the story of some episodes from which – and this is certain – neither Depp nor Heard come out immaculate. There are many celebrities who have openly sided with Johnny Depp, while Amber Heard is subjected to an almost continuous barrage, especially on social media. But what are the public relations, placed in the attention of the media, that the actress of Aquaman did she have other than the one that saw her get married to Johnny Depp? Let’s see them all in chronological order.

Tasya van Ree. In 2010, during an event sponsored by GLAAD, a non-profit organization of LGBT activism, Amber Heard declared that she did not want to label her sexuality in any way. As Page Six reports in a proper one timeline of Amber Heard’s relationships, the actress began dating photographer Tasya van Ree in 2008. The love was so strong that Heard even changed his surname to van Ree for a period of time. In 2009, Amber Heard was arrested on charges of domestic violence against the photographer after an altercation at Seattle-Tacoma airport. Years later, van Ree told US Weekly that the episode was “misunderstood”. “Amber was wrongfully accused of an accident that was misinterpreted and exaggerated by two individuals in a position of power” said the photographer in 2016. “I remember various misogynistic attitudes, which later became homophobic, when they discovered that we were companions and not just friends”. The two separated in 2012.

Amber Heard after the end of the marriage with Johnny Depp

Elon Musk and Vito Schnabel. Despite allegations of treason against Johnny Depp, while the two were still married, Heard has always stressed that the relationship with Elon Musk began after his divorce and that of the billionaire from Talulah Riley, in 2016. Musk and Heard break up in 2017, but get back together about five months later. In February 2018 the couple decided to separate permanently: “The timing did not work in their favor, but they remained on good terms” a source told Page Six. Three months after breaking up with Elon Musk, Heard starts dating the gallery owner Vito Schnabelfrom which he separates less than a year from the beginning of the relationship due to the excessive distance.

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Andy Muschietti and Bianca Butti. It is the beginning of 2019 when multiple sources report that Amber Heard is dating director Andy Muschietti, best known for the franchise of IT. People Magazine reports how the two started their relationship in March of 2019, when they were spotted kissing each other, but there is no other information about it. Heard went public with his relationship with director of photography Bianca Butti in January 2020. Also in this case it seems that it was the distance that brought this bond to its terminus and the couple separated in December 2021 after months of being apart..

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