All Spoiler Deaths in Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep Finale


The Doctor Sleep by Mike Flanagan is half a great adaptation of the Shining sequel novel, but for the other half is a succession of quotations and imitation pushed to the excess of Stanley Kubrick ‘s masterpiece.

Two souls that the director has tried to bring together in a functional way, succeeding only in part, certainly not in the third and last year, where all the limits of the author’s ambition are evident, which certainly does not have the same degree of competence to rework a ninety piece like Kubrick properly, as Steven Spielberg did in Ready Player One .

That said, Flanagan must be recognized as the intention to close the circle between the film and literary universe, coming to bring together the two “worlds” right in the end of Doctor Sleep , where we witness a succession of moments that want to put an end to the differences, approved in addition as they are from Stephen King (enemy number one in Kubrick’s Shining ) and Kubrick Estate . Given that in the adaptation of Kubrick the iconic Overlook Hotel is not exploded by an explosion triggered in the boiler room as in the novel, Flanagan sets the third act right in the disquieting and now abandoned mountain mansion, of which nature. It is indeed a dark place that feeds on the Sparkiness, essentially the glow of some people who are talented not knowing or have strong psychic powers. Danny Torrance decides to bring in the last survivor of the Node, the leader Rose Cylinder

, so that the Overlook feeds on her and on all the Steam absorbed over the centuries, in practice of the Glimmer of the captured and killed people. This is what happens here: Rose is consumed by the ghosts of the Overlook who then take possession of Danny and hunt down Abra, a child with the great Glimmer and friend of Danny to whom Rose was hunting.

While Danny entered the Overlook, however, he jumped into the boiler room, triggering a reaction that would then destroy the hotel, killing him. In the end, only Abra survives learning to dominate his demons.


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