All Tesla around the world have been shut down! See what happened!

On the night from Friday to Saturday, Tesla car users reported one quite serious problem. What exactly was that about? Why couldn’t they get into their car? Has the company fixed this nuisance?

What was the problem with Tesla cars?

Users were unable to open their cars via smartphones using the app. All cars were affected, but some users could easily get around it. It was enough to use the car key. Provided that you had it with you. Unfortunately, a large group of Tesla owners use telephones and sport had a problem with opening the doors of their cars. The fault was fixed after approximately 5 hours. On the one hand, it is a long time, but for the repair of a global application, it is quite a good result.

Tesla charger

This is not the first and probably not the last problem for Tesla. However, with this brand, many of the flaws are actually software. Thanks to this, you can repair cars with the help of application updates. Many problems in Tesla have been solved in this way. Aside from the problems, Tesla certainly has one of the most extensive software of any car manufacturer. Even companies that have been in the car market for years must catch up quickly to catch up with the American brand in this respect.

This is a lesson for the future

Of course, we feel sorry for all users who broke their plans. On the other hand, it is a lesson that the telephone is not always capable of replacing other devices. Just in case, it is better to also have the car key with you. The same is the case with in-app payment. If we do not have a card or cash with us, we are grounded. Therefore, regardless of the situation, it is worth having not only a telephone, but also a payment card and some cash. Of course, this is not as convenient as carrying only your smartphone with you. However, in many situations, it can make your life a lot easier and save you a lot of nerves.


As you can see, it is not worth completely trusting everything to just one technology. Several alternatives are a much safer option. It is worth remembering when using modern solutions, not only in the automotive industry.


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