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Anne Hathaway, actress and mother, committed to safeguarding the planet, follows a special diet to keep fit.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway she is not only an Oscar-winning actress, but also an attentive mother and a woman committed to safeguarding the planet. Her beauty secrets range from sports to nutrition.

Anne Hathaway training: from yoga to running

Anne Hathaway is nearly 40, was born in New York, and is an Oscar-winning actress (2013). She is also a mother, a woman committed to safeguarding the planet and a great sportswoman. She has always loved walk around the city, run And ride a bicycle. For some time now it has a great passion for yoga. She took lessons to play Rebekah Neumann on the set of WeCrasheda miniseries in which he stars alongside Jared Leto.

I got really passionate thanks to my teacher and I think I want to continue”He stated in an interview. To keep fit over the years, the actress has changed the type of training. With his personal trainer works five days a week on various types of circuits. Its purpose is not to increase muscle mass, but to make the tissues more toned. Anne Hathaway does weights, running, martial arts, hiking, pilates and aerobics and, even though she herself admitted she never wanted to, she said she felt much better.

Skin care and diet

The actress has very light and sensitive skin, for this reason never leaves the house without protection equal to or greater than 50, even in winter. It also does specific treatments, with a face cream based on nightingale droppings and a cream of rice. As for his diet, she chose a vegan-type diet, which he interrupted for a short time and then resumed.

It prefers vegetables, most of which are raw “or cooked but at temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We should all do more to eat as many vegetables as possible“.

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