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It’s been a few weeks since the release of the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders, so fans will know by now: the ending isn’t a real ending. There are many narrative lines that remain open, many enemies with whom Thomas Shelby has yet to deal with it, but there will be no more new episodes. The reason is that Peaky Blinders will become a movie and will arrive (not very soon) in theaters.

The news has been announced some time ago Steven Knightcreator of the series and highly regarded screenwriter – The promise of the murderer, Locke of which he is also the director, Millennium – The one that doesn’t kill and the recent Spencer with Kristen Stewart are some of his most successful titles. Also thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that slowed the development of the show, Knight has decided to give his series a cinematic ending. A solution, this, adopted more and more often: Downton Abbey has already reached its second sequel and a series like Ray Donovan said goodbye to fans with a film that came after seven seasons.

But what the film will be about Peaky Blinders? The same creator anticipated it during an interview with The Digital Spy: «I’d like to say that I have full control over what I’m going to write, but I still don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but I have a destination in mind. It has always been World War II“. Such a plot would ideally close the circle linked to the characters: the rise of Tommy Shelby begins shortly after returning from the French front of the First World War, a war event that left scars and deep trauma on the whole family.

TO EmpireSteven Knight also added that Peaky BlindersIt has always been the history of interwar Britain – as the lesson of a war was not learned and so the facts repeated themselves.“. Not only: “And also the story of the end of the empire: we enter the Second World War and when the empire is over it is gone. But I changed my mind and revised the purpose of the series. It will go beyond the Second World War. […] I want to see how things can progress further“.

The war setting seems inevitable, considering how things turned out at the end of the sixth season (beware of spoilers): Tommy realized that the disease that was supposed to kill him was invented, a plan hatched from really existed. Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin), the founder of the British Union of Fascists who attempted to dye the United Kingdom black. The clash with him is inevitable and the scenario of the Second World War seems ideal to tell it.

It remains to understand when the film by Peaky Blinders: How long will it be before I breathe Birmingham’s (heavily polluted) air again and review Cillian Murphy in the part? Steven Knight has confirmed that production and shooting should begin in 2023: it is therefore possible to speculate a theatrical release for 2024when fans can – indeed they must, by order of the Peaky fookin ‘Blinders – go to the cinema to see the end of the epic drama.

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