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The Champions League is a gold mine for Napoli. No one has earned more so far

Soccer Naples – How much have Napoli earned from the Champions League? The Gazzetta dello Sport has published the figures that Italian teams have already written off from participation in the largest European club competition. Nobody took more money than Napoli.

Collections Napoli from the Champions League

Here’s what the Gazzetta dello Sport writes about Champions’ takings:

“Juve can already consider 53 million in their coffers. Only Napoli have done better, about 57 million. Inter are 45, Milan 43. Theoretically, Juve could earn another 60 by winning the cup, a mission that appears impossible. But at least the passage to the second round would guarantee 15 million more (in addition to the box office). results; and 2 from the market pool. Total: 53.3. Two successes against Benfica and Psg are worth 5.5 million, to which add at least the eighths (9.6) and the other share of the market pool (a couple of million ) “. has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to be always updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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