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We are about to arrive at the terminus, hopefully. March 31, 2022, as we all know, is the date that has long been decided as the end of the state of emergency for the pandemic situation linked to Covid-19. After a surge in cases over the Christmas holiday period, it appears that the situation is now under control; the government is ready to ease the restrictions.

There are so many political forces that today ask to say goodbye to the Green Pass definitively starting from April 1st, tool considered ineffective by many, at least as regards the containment of infections. The president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, who has been opposing green certification for some time, spoke, declaring: “I still hear the majority talking about changes to the green certificate, as if the uselessness and harmfulness of this tool. The Green Pass must not be changed, it must be abolished. And we will continue to fight and keep attention until this happens ”.

What happens to the transport sector

The principle of maximum caution is always the one on which the use of the Green Pass is based, and it is what the great supporters keep repeating. Those who do not want to abolish the green certificate fear a rise in the number of people infected by Covid. Health Minister Roberto Speranza, as we all know, has repeatedly reminded us that we will not say goodbye to the Green Pass overnight, on the contrary, quite the opposite. The elimination will have to be gradual, is what he underlines, and in fact we are talking about the new remodeled Green Pass (what it is about).

Let’s start with the transport sector, most likely already from 1 April, certification will no longer be required to travel on airplanes, trains and buses. Even those who are not vaccinated, or who do not have a certificate of recovery obtained in the last six months, will be able to continue to use public transport without restrictions (will they go back to the basic Green Pass? This will certainly help the recovery of tourism, the players in the sector in fact already fear the repercussions for the Easter holidays (April 17) and it is a sector that has suffered too much due to Covid, like many others, and which needs to support. The obligation will certainly remain active use of masks in means of transport (as in any closed environment, for the moment).

Green Pass at work: what happens

Brief mention of the situation of Italian workers: it seems that the Government is absolutely not inclined to eliminate the Green Pass in the workplace. It is feared that, with the end of the state of emergency, many smart working workers will return to exercise their profession in presence and that the contagion curve will rise again. In the famous road map with which the Executive has decided that it will slowly loosen the restrictions (deadline June 15, which also ends the vaccination obligation for workers over 50) it seems that for the moment all workers must continue to have green certification to go to the office, factory and so on.

Giorgia Meloni argues that the decline in hospitalization rates and infections has been going on for weeks now and, for this reason, we are ready to eliminate the Green Pass (active for months now) once and for all, to return citizens to a normal daily life. to citizens and greater serenity to economic activities. In short, she and the supporters of her thesis declare: “If there is no longer an emergency there is no need to tell people that they do not have the right to work. In a democratic republic founded on work it is a very strong measure ”. We will see what decisions will be made by March 31st, there are just over 20 days left. In the meantime, most likely, starting from April 1st, everyone will have access to outdoor entertainment and entertainment activities without certificationeven outside bars and restaurants.

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