All the style of Angelyne, the ante litteram influencer of the new miniseries with Emmy Rossum

If you are a fan of the binge watching constantly looking for new tv series make a note of the date on your diary. In fact, on 19 May he made his debut on Sky the biopic in five episodes dedicated to Angelynethe explosive blonde who upholstered in 1984 Los Angeles with huge billboards which depicted her in poses from pin-up.

No explanation or message, only his image and a name. A character like that glamorous and enigmatic at the same time he could only attract the immediate attention of his fellow citizens who began to wonder what was hiding behind the imposing advertising operation. The answer was very simple …nothing.

Because what he was really aiming for Angelyne era the fame an end in itself and what better way, to speed things up, than pretending to be already one celebrity? Although now we are used to characters known by all without the aforementioned having a real talent, famous for being famous such as Kim Kardashian And Paris Hiltonat the time it was a strategy of personal promotion completely innovative.

Style icon perpetually dressed with provocative minidress pink and adherents, singer, model and even a candidate for the office of Governor of California: her character could only inspire one of the new tv series to keep an eye on, interpreted precisely by Emmy Rossum.


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Inspired by the 2017 investigation byHollywood Reporter that finally revealed the long-hidden identity ofexplosive blondethe show consists of five episodes that tell the exceptional life of a character that the Los Angeles people are used to meet on the street today again aboard his Bonbon-colored Corvette. To take the form of the protagonist the Rossum she had to undergo well every day seven hours of makeup during which several prostheses were applied, including those that reproduce the generous décolletée of the vera Angelyne.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Emmy Rossumwhich is also executive producer of the show, in an interview with Variety defines Angelyne as one of the most important icons of pop culture of the last fifty years. Also thanks to his look, extremely glam and provocativeconsisting mainly of minidresses e very short skirts, eyeglasses mask e soaring heels, all strictly pink. Halfway between Barbie and Marilynthe woman looked like a real one living dolldestined to arouse curiosity and seduce the public.

Angelyne poses in her pink Corvette in Hollywood in 2021.


If you feel like giving it a touch too hot pink to the wardrobe, all that remains is to scroll through the gallery below inspired by his iconic wardrobe.

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