All Theories About The Movie Coming In 2025

This summer, on the occasion of the big event that takes place every year in America (we are talking about the San Diego Comicon), the biggest cinecomic film house has announced great titles for future projects with a certain date.
One such project that has filled the hearts of all fans around the world was Avengers: Secret Warswhich should therefore arrive in theaters in November 2025.
But what exactly do we know about this project?

Well, in reality what we know about the film project is little, but we can create possible hypotheses and stick to its editorial history. Let’s see together the comic history of Secret Wars and speculate on what we might see in the next movie!

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Secret Wars editorial history

As some of you surely know, Secret Wars is a twelve-issue miniseries written by Jim Shooter and exit from the pencil of Mike Zeckwhich was published by Marvel Comics in the period from 1984 to 1985.
For all the events narrated and the consequences it brought within the universe Marvel, it is considered one of the most important miniseries, in which the best characters are called to face some of their nemeses.

This series is set on an alien planet, the Battleworldand is full of twists like the death of the Wasp and the rise of Doctor Doom, some of which will be able to profoundly change the reality of the Marvel world.

Let’s take a look at the plot in the comic for a moment.
As we said earlier, the most famous and important group of superheroes on planet Earth come face to face with their nemeses, brought there by an entity called The Arcanum. The latter wants to find out which of the two groups has a greater strength than the other, transforming everything into a fight to the death, a sort of Royal Rumble in which we find characters such as: Iron Man, Captain America, She-Hulk, Hulk, Wasp, Hawkeye, Spider-man, Captain Marveland some members of the X-men ei fantastic four. On the other hand, the various threaten the universe Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Galactus, Titania, Ultron, Lizard, The Wreckers, Kang And The Molecule Man.

What’s happening? Well, both groups are kidnapped and taken aboard two spaceships, in the presence of this entity, Arcane, on a planet created by himself. It all consists of a war between the two factions, which, thinking about it, could be very interesting to see in a possible live action.

Returning to the plot of the comic, initially the criminals seem to have the advantage after having put the group of heroes on the run, who find refuge in a village. This is where it first appears Venom. In fact, when Spider-Man he will end up with his costume shattered after a fight, he will find a new device, as well as a strange black fluid that takes advantage of him once it is smeared on him, taking the form of a totally black dress with a large white spider on the chest.

In all of this, Galactus turns his spaceship into energy to defeat Arcanebut the Doctor Doom manages to drain her and in turn decides to challenge the enemy. Defeating him, Destiny becomes the most powerful being in the universe. An important detail is that The Arcanum he is still alive, in fact without too much attention, he will convince Destiny to bring dead heroes back to life and bring them back to earth. Destiny also, within the miniseries, it kills Thanos and with the help of the powers of Arcane rules over Battleworld.

The thingpreviously dead character, will discover that he can return to his human form and then will leave his place within the Fantastic Four to the brilliant Jennifer Waltersas well as She-Hulk.

The comic series was collected in a single volume in 2009 in collaboration with Panini Comicspresent in Super Heroes: Great Sagas. In 2015, however, the Panini Comics has planned the reissue of the miniseries in 3 volumes.

Possible theories about the Secret Wars movie

After SDCC22 with the announcement of the various films in the hall H by the Marvel Studiosthere was a great confusion and a great expectation regarding the two films of the Avengers, Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars. All the curiosity, however, ends on the expected sixth chapter of Avengersthat is to say Secret Wars coming in 2025. Perhaps because, knowing the events present in the comic miniseries, many of the fans expect similar events within the project.

Precisely for this reason, there are many theories proposed and today we will offer you some of the most feasible, and at the same time incredible, to be seen on the big screen.

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Doctor Doom

There is a character within the miniseries who has had a significant presence over the others, that is Doctor Doom. We know very well, however, that the latter has yet to make its appearance within the MCU and many even think that the great villain will make his first appearance within Black Panther Wakanda Forever, coming this year. As we mentioned earlier, Destiny had a very strong impact within Secret Warsbecause he killed Thanossteering up Battleworld with the powers of the arcane and destroying the multiverse.

But why was it destroyed? Because the greatest heroes of the multiverse have not been able to stop the raids. But doesn’t all this seem similar to something you’ve already seen?
Well, that’s right! The phenomenon of raids is already present in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness and we met them when Reed Richards interpreted by John Krasinski explains the ramifications of such an event to the Stephen Strange of the Earth-616.

If you remember, the post-credit scene from the Doctor Strange sequel clears up many questions regarding raids and portends that they will be an important part of the franchise due to the arrival of Cleaplayed by Charlize Theron.

If the Marvel will eventually create the Battleworld it will certainly be such a significant moment, because it has never happened within the MCU that one villain collides with another villain. So as far as this character is concerned anything is possible, he could form an alliance with Kang and make an appearance in Kang Dynastyor as a great strategist he could ally himself with the avengers.

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Kang and the legion of the non-living

In the comics, Kang created a team of misfits under the advice of Immortus (variant of Kang), with the aim of using variants of the Avengers deceased by taking them from their timeline a few minutes before their death. Avengers how: Black Widow And Iron Man. This could mean only one thing, which is a great opportunity for the return of Robert Downey Jr And Scarlett Johansson.

Another possible theory could be that of the kidnapping, by Kangfrom Wandain order to take advantage of his chaos magic and then revive the variants of the Avengers departed, being that the much-loved heroine did not die within the sequel to Strange.

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The three Spider-man and Venom

Here, we have arrived at the theory that many would like to see realized, the one with the three Spider-man and a possible Venom.

At the end of Spider-man: No Way Homein the first post credit, let’s see Eddie Brock (belonging to the Sony universe) appear, unless he is immediately brought back by the spell of Doctor Strange. In that moment, the event that we have all been waiting for for a long time happens, namely the one where a piece of the symbiote falls (or is left) in the bar where it is. Eddie.

In the comic strip miniseries by Secret Wars, Spider-man comes into contact with this alien form and this is where many may think it is Spider-man from Holland will come into contact with the future Venomwhich it is not known if it will be interpreted by Tom Hardy.

And the three Spider-men? As many know, the next two films dedicated to the Avengers will bring heroes from every universe, in fact thanks to the now predominant phenomenon of raids, all of this is very very likely to happen. Among these, the presence of the two could be feasible Spider-manthat of Maguire And Garfield. In particular, there is a beautiful theory which would argue that it is Spider-man from Maguire would go to the aid of the Spider-man from Holland to convince him to “get rid” of the symbiote, telling him about his experiences with the symbiote. The same theory confirms that Holland will be tight to symbiontthus leading the two web shooter to fight with the new symbiote suit.

However, this small presence is scarce to confirm control of Venom on Peter. Unless, as rumored, Tom Holland may appear in other projects before Secret Warssuch as inside the Fantastic Four, where it might be possible for the neighborhood cobweb shooter to get in touch with Venom.

The release of Secret Wars it is still far away, but already there Multiverse saga is proving that anything is possible in the MCUespecially after the events of Multiverse of Madness and now anyone can make an appearance within the franchise. That said, we just have to wait and hope that some ideas for the next film will be taken directly from the comic miniseries.

Secret Wars will be released in theaters on November 7, 2025.

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