Allegro One. New shipping pricelist for vending machines and collection points

Allegro presents a new delivery price list as part of the Allegro One service. Thus, the promotional period in which packages from sellers on the website were delivered for free ends.

When Allegro launched its own delivery service for parcel machines at the beginning of November last year, the company offered free shipping to customers. Both to pickup points and green parcel machines. Allegro One, as this service is called, is not only One Box parcel machines. It is also a network of One Punkt and One Fulfillment collection points, serving as a comprehensive fulfillment of sellers’ orders on Allegro. The first slot machines appeared in June 2021, incl. in Warsaw and Poznań. The company waited several months for their launch. It was related to putting more of them so that they could fulfill their task properly. There were already 600 of them to start, and along with Allegro One collection points, it is available in larger and smaller cities in Poland.

Allegro One. New price list for delivery of parcels to vending machines and collection points

After the end of the promotional period, which offered free shipments as part of Allegro One, from today you will have to pay for shipments using the Allegro One Box and Allegro One Punkt methods:

  • Allegro One Punkt – up to PLN 8.49
  • Allegro One Box – up to PLN 7.99

The delivery fees cannot exceed the upper limit set by Allegro. The prices apply to packages up to 20 kg of actual or dimensional weight, where the longest side is a maximum of 64 cm, the second longest side is maximum 41 cm, and the third dimension is maximum 38 cm. It is worth remembering that when using Allegro Smart! shipping to Allegro One Punkt or Allegro One Box is free from PLN 40. Allegro One Box and Allegro One Punkt deliveries also offer free returns – both for Allegro Smart! Orders and outside this service.

Upon receipt of the first shipment, you will receive a code for returning the electro-equipment free of charge. By the end of January 2022, after receiving the second parcel, customers will receive a code for a free e-book or audiobook to be downloaded from Legimi. After picking up the third one, there will be a code for the selected courses on the zone zone

Along with the new price list, the company boasts that so far it has managed to set up 1000 parcel machines. In the near future, he wants to expand their base to 3,000. However, Allegro is not standing with green vending machines alone. 2,000 collection points are to be available soon. They will receive packages from sellers, even on the second day of ordering.

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