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almanac of the day is Thursday 3 March Good morning from Francesco Vitale Today the church remembers San Marino Martyr according to tradition the name Marino derives from the Latin adjective marinus Which means belonging to the sea the proverb tells us March I try every evening to wake up in spring and we hope they were born today Tomas Milian Alexander Bain Jessica Biel we wish our children today we have a certain list where they are where they are Roger brought it to me as usual We always lose them So happy birthday Lorenzo in the meantime we greet Enrico Gaia good day also to Alessandro our friend and colleague Angela already Hello Debora also to you Good day to each of you we begin our journey together then I take you on that March 3, 1993 to Washington at the age of 87 Albert Bruce Sabin the discoverer of the polio vaccine in 1969 the Top Gun for pilots training was born in San Diego, California, made famous by the film with the same name Tom Cruise and again 3 March 1972 with the launch of the Pioneer 10 space probe begins the exploration of our solar system Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune I greet you with the words of Philip wants that he said the greatest Sin of the human race and anthropocentrism that is that according to which human life has more value than that of all other creatures.
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