Almería vs. match live overview Real Madrid’s La Liga 2023-2024: line-ups, video, goals and statistics

The Englishman was once again MVP of the game with a double that smashed Arrivas’ first goal.Vinicius put the icing on the cake

Real Madrid picked up another victory in the league opener by defeating Union Deportiva Almeria 3-1 at the Estadio de los Huevos del Mediterraneo. Ancelotti’s team had to fight back, but in the end they emerged victorious.

Almeria vs. Real Madrid LaLiga 2023-24

And the game got off to a bad start for white interests. Robertone put in a superb cross at the book counter before Real Madrid player Arrivas put Vicente Moreno’s team ahead with a header. The goal did not threaten Real Madrid and they took over the game and managed to equalize with a goal from Jude Bellingham.

Almería had a good time after the goal and were able to take the lead again before the break, but Lunin made some notable saves. After the break, fatigue appeared in the home side and Real Madrid were sentenced. Bellingham, who scored his third goal in two games, headed a Kroos cross to make it 1-2 before Vinicius scored his first goal of the season with a fine shot from inside the box.

Almería vs. match live overview Real Madrid’s La Liga 2023-2024: line-ups, video, goals and statistics

full time!

90 minutes or more. Fran Garcia almost scored! He cut the ball in midfield and moved down the left flank until he reached inside the box and fired a cross, but it didn’t go into the goal.

90 minutes. 9 off.

89 minutes. Lucas Vazquez and Brahim enter in place of Valverde and Vinicius.

In the 88th minute, Maximiano scores from Carvajal! A superb cross from Modric made it to the winger and the goalkeeper saved the goal with the white captain’s close range shot.

80 minutes. Bellingham leaves and Josel enters.

73rd minute Vinicius goal! When Valverde started on the right flank, he gave way to Bellingham, who gave the pass to Vinicius, who hit a dry shot that touched a defender to beat Maximiano. The parties were sentenced.

Modric and Camavinga came on for Rodrygo and Kroos in the 71st minute.

71 minutes. Luis Suarez has succeeded! Almería’s quick counterattack put Luis Suárez’s header into Embarba’s centre. There was little he lacked to score.

69 minutes. Robertone and Pubil leave, and Merello and Pozo enter.

Rodrygo almost scored in the 68th minute! Carvajal replaced Rodrigo, who tried to score a goal before Maximiano’s sending off, but was unable to score. It was very heel.

62 minutes. Kone enters instead of Ramazani.

Jude Bellingham’s goal in the 60th minute! Toni Kroos and Bellingham’s excellent centres, as if they were pure nines, headed in before Maximiano’s half-shot.

58 minutes. Yellow Chumi grabbed Vinicius.

54 minutes. Ramazani attempted an acrobatic shot after receiving a cross from Embarba, but Lunin had no trouble catching the ball.

49 minutes. A good combination between Vinicius and Fran García saw Valverde shoot from a distance, but the Uruguayan shot went wide.

46 minutes, the second half begins!


45 minutes or more. Goal disallowed for Toni Kroos. Carvajal was fouled early on, but the German scored with a typical shot. Sánchez Martínez was called in to watch the play and ruled that Carvajal had fouled Aquieme and disallowed the goal.

45 minutes. 5 off.

In the 44th minute, Rodrygo’s goal was blocked by Maximiano! Fran García’s play on the left side turned him back and Rodrigo fired a half-shot that was stopped by Maximiano.

41 minutes. Again from Lunin! Rodrygo’s mistake cost him the ball up front and the Ukrainian had to hand down Rodrygo’s shot.

37 minutes. Lunin easily catches Ramazani’s header in the middle of Alibas. Almería are showing off against Real Madrid, who were beaten in the final minutes.

34 minutes, good save from Lunin! Baba kicked from far away and the Ukrainian deftly deflected the ball.

min 27. Rodrigo did it! A good pass was made by Valverde, who had everyone in, and Rodrygo fired a cross, but the ball licked the post.

Goal for Bellingham in the 18th minute! When Valverde entered the second row, the Uruguayan headed in, but Bellingham chased the ball and hit it across the post to equalize. The Almeria players demanded a handball and an offside from the Englishman, but the goal didn’t matter either way.

14 minutes. Real Madrid are slowly closing in on Almería. This time, Bellingham dropped and Valverde scored, but the Almería defense blocked the Uruguayan’s flogging.

6th minute. Choameni headed a corner kick, but Maximiano caught it without issue. Bellingham regretted not having touched the ball and could have scored had he touched it after Choameni’s header.

Minute 3. Ali Bus Goal! Almeria’s quick counter-attack, Robertone’s excellent center and Arrivas’ header all go head-to-head.

Minute 1. Game on!

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