Almirante Brown beats Defensoles and becomes the all-time leader

admiral brown Due to a controversial arbitration, As a visitor, we achieved an important 1-0 victory over Defensor de Belgrano., in a match corresponding to the 33rd.tournament date I became a member of Primera Nacional and was able to stand at the top of Zone A. of the contest.

Isidro Casanova’s teamcurrently leads the standings with 54 points. Nazareno Bazán’s goal secured the victory. 35 minutes into the second period.

Referee Yael Falcon Perez had a busy night. After 12 minutes in the first half, He showed striker Ezequiel Aguirre a red card. on a no-ball hit against the Defenders’ Agustín Duttola.

In the supplement, the referee omitted two penalties in favor of the Dragons. First, a pass from Ulises Abregliano to Patricio Moyano was missed inside the area, and then, in stoppage time, Nicolas Del Greco’s shot ignored defender Axel Ochoa and headed home.

With this victory, Admiral Brown He had a four point lead over San Martin de Tucuman and Agropequario de Carlos Casares. He is more of a leader than ever before.

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