“Almost asking us for help, a dog got on the bus and its alleged assailant followed it”: Miraculous escape of a pet while entering the Bogota Transmilenio unit | International | news

This week a group of transmilenio workers in Colombia were silenced by a truly astonishing sight: a dog boarded a bus while running away from a man who was attacking it.

The information, accompanied by some photographs, both moves and angers citizens who purport to be aware of animal abuse.

It was Transmilenio, a mass transit company in Bogotá, that reported the painful condition, which showed the pet’s injured legs.

“Just about to call us for help, this little dog got on the bus, she was injured. Following her her alleged assailant came under the influence of SPA (psychoactive substance), the driver drove to the courtyard where @AnimalesBOG gave her veterinary care,” he tweeted on the night of Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

For the peace of mind of users on the social network, he added: “He is already safe at home to pass.”

no to animal abuse

Animal abuse cases have been on the rise in recent years. In February 2023, Semana published: “Between 2019 and 2021, cases of pet abuse increased. For example, more than four thousand cases were registered during 2020 in Bogotá alone, according to data from the nation’s attorney general’s office.

through their network, Bogota Animal Protection Remember again and again that physical abuse of an animal is a crime and should never be used as a tool of correction.

Animal abuse, a human problem: what are the most frequent signs of aggressors and how to differentiate accident from abuse

Reactions in the network in the case of the Transmillenio dog

The situation with the dog, exposed by Transmillenio, heated up the network this week. The user, Kovid, asked about the attacker and others sent blessings and thanks to the bus driver for saving the pet.

Jose Williams commented, “What a nice gesture”. While Claud Rojas said: “Thank you! They are acts that bring us comfort in the midst of so much chaos and so much violence.”

Camilla said: “Thanks to the operator and a thousand congratulations. That’s how everyone should be.”

“Blessings to Mr. Driver for helping the injured dog and seeking veterinary help for him. There are a thousand things Transmillenio could do to improve, but its policy pet Friendly It’s 20/10″, said Jennifer Fernandez.

Many called for the violence to be left behind and Transmillenio expressed himself in a sentence that we should all imbibe and defend: “Life is sacred.” (yo)

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