Alone 11 years ago a thousand kilometers and from Ukraine reaches the Slovak border

He traveled over a thousand kilometers alone, fleeing the war-torn Ukraine. Red backpack on his shoulders, hat on his head, passport in a plastic bag in his pocket and a phone number on the back of his hand.

When the Slovak police saw him reach the border they couldn’t believe their eyes. The incredible story features an eleven-year-old boy, who managed to arrive from Zaporizhzhia, where a few days ago the nuclear power plant was attacked by the Russians, up to the Slovakian border.

(Twitter photo)
(Twitter photo)

(Twitter photo)

The Slovakian Ministry of the Interior itself tells the episode on its social profiles, also publishing some photos. “The volunteers – we read – gladly took care of him, brought him to the heat and provided him with food and drink”. The little one conquered everyone with his smile “without fear and with the determination worthy of a true hero”. After welcoming him, the volunteers dialed the telephone number written on the back of his hand, putting him in contact with “his loved ones who came to pick him up”.

A story that warms the heart in the cold of war.

Wrapped up in the Nerazzurri wool cap, blue jacket and lilac scarf, the boy left his parents and arrived alone at the border. The mother made him get on the train to Slovakia, as the woman, who is a widow and has other children, told via social media. “I couldn’t move, I’m not well and I have to look after my disabled mother too,” she said. “I am very grateful that my son’s life was saved.”

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