Alone with Tim Ballard and Alejandro Monteverde at the premiere of Sonido de libertad

An interview with Tim Ballard and Alejandro Monteverde for the new true story Sonido de libertad, which hits theaters August 31st.

sound of freedom (sound of freedom), after its success in the United States, finally entered Latin American theaters, surpassing even the most recent titles. indiana jones and Mission Impossible. This movie tells the true story of a federal agent. Tim Ballard He quit his job to focus on rescuing trafficked children around the world. This work with a famous cast such as. Jim Caviezel Written and directed by Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino. Alexander Monteverde.

The story revolves around a federal agent who, after rescuing a boy (still 7) from a ruthless trafficker, discovers the boy’s sister is still in captivity. Determined to save her, her agent quits her job and ventures into the Colombian jungle to risk her life to rescue her.

Jim Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a federal agent dedicated to rescuing trafficked children.  (Angel Studio)
Jim Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a federal agent dedicated to rescuing trafficked children. (Angel Studio)

In the framework of the film’s premiere in Latin America, Alejandro Monteverde, the director of the film, and Tim Ballard, the man who actually took on the task, sat down. information.

“Child trafficking is a problem that has been hidden for decades. This film is a powerful tool to open people’s eyes to this reality,” Ballard said in an interview. He’s lived through the drama of underage child trafficking up close in this part of the world, so he clearly knows what he’s talking about. The children were tricked into taking them to the United States, which, according to Ballard, is the largest consumer of child pornography.

shocking scene "sound of freedom" It shows the harsh reality of child trafficking.  (Angel Studio)
A shocking scene from The Sound of Freedom that depicts the harsh reality of child trafficking. (Angel Studio)

Tim’s roles are: sound of freedom by Jim Caviezel (famous actor Passion of Christ): “He was the first candidate to play me,” he remembers, this being the name he suggested to the producers, but was told they weren’t very similar physically. “He’s a great actor, but he doesn’t look like him at all!” he was told. “He’s almost a spiritual element. He said more with his eyes than his mouth, he was exactly who I wanted him to be, and after a few days he said yes,” Tim recalls.

Caviezel has all the emotion, bravery and sensitivity of this character in almost every scene. “I’m so proud to be a part of this powerful film. In fact, it’s her second most important film I’ve ever made. Passion of Christsaid in a press release.

Based on a moving true story, The Sound of Freedom follows one man’s mission to rescue children from the darkest corners of the world. (song film)

The U.S. release was incredible, and did you expect it to do so at the box office?

Alejandro Monteverde: No, nobody expected this.officially surpassed indiana jones and again Mission Impossible, these are two huge franchises. Because the fact that this movie is making more money at the box office is also a sign to me that the public is also hungry for other types of stories.

story telling plot sound of freedom It’s very difficult. It focuses on the story of two younger brothers who are tricked by a female talent scout who invites them to join the casting. There, children are photographed and later captured without their parents present. From that moment on, their worst nightmare begins as they are sold into prostitution. That’s when Ballard steps in and stages an entire production to save not just these children, but many more.

Ballard (Caviezel) goes to rescue a girl in a scene from a movie in the Colombian jungle.  (Angel Studio)
Ballard (Caviezel) goes to rescue a girl in a scene from a movie in the Colombian jungle. (Angel Studio)

“The biggest problem in finding solutions is that people don’t want to open their eyes. That’s why it’s important that people are already starting to understand what’s going on with their children,” he said. Tim Ballard, who produced the film with Mel Gibson, said: It’s a very difficult movie to watch, and you’ll definitely have tears and anger flowing while watching the movie. “My aim was how to create a story that the audience could digest and enjoy,” asserts the director, emphasizing this near-impossible mission to solve.

Why do you think everyone should see sound of freedom?

Monteverde: This film invites you to participate in this social dialogue. A movie is a cinematic experience, a journey into this darkness. But it’s like riding a roller coaster. It’s a long journey, but we’re on the ride of hope. When the movie ends, you are in a state of reflection. When the movie ends and it really begins.

you can see sound of freedom It will be released in theaters on August 31st.

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