Alongside Beyoncé, Blue Ivy Receives Her First RIAA Certificates

The pop heiress is preparing to take the throne. Following in your mother’s footsteps Beyonce, Blue Ivy already has a successful career and now, she has one more reason to celebrate. In the latest update released by American Recording Industry Association (RIAA)the little one blue just finished receive your first certificates.

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THE RIAA is a commercial organization, headquartered in Washington, capital of the United States, being one of the main organs of the music industry. It represents American record labels and distributors and operates an awards program for albums and singles that sell a large number of copies, through “Gold Award” and “Platinum Award”.

Photo: RIAA

Therefore, the organization granted the Blue Ivy two gold certificatesfor their participation in the songs “Blue” and “BROWN SKIN GIRL”, both songs released by Beyoncebeing the last produced for the soundtrack of the film “Lion King” which, the video clip already adds up to just over 53 million views on Youtube.

In this ocasion, Blue Ivy does a small vocal performance that opens and closes the song, which also features special guest appearances by the rappers Wizkid and Saint John.

It is worth noting that the daughter of Queen B has won, at age 9, his first Grammy. In 2021, Blue Ivy competed in the Best Video category for “BROWN SKIN GIRL”. With that, she joined the ranking of the youngest winners of the ceremony. Furthermore, in the same issue Beyonce became the most awarded woman in history.

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