Alpine A110 R: the new French sports car, power and speed

The new French coupé was presented in Japan, with an exceptional driver, Esteban Ocon, at the wheel. Even lighter than the A110 S, it is equipped with stiffer suspension and can also be adjusted manually, to optimize use on the track. It will be the last Alpine with a combustion engine

From our correspondent Mario Salvini

– Yokohama (Japan)

Before showing it to you, the A110 R, the Alpine folks decided they were making you feel it. In a deliberately minimal setting, a garage on the docks of Yokohama, the port area of ​​Greater Tokyo, their new jewel presented itself with a roar of those you hear in your chest. With racing grit. Then it appeared, in the same blue as the Formula 1 cars, only satin and with inserts left in the black of the carbon. A rather experienced driver drove it into the garage, parking it among dozens of journalists: Esteban Ocon. Which then struck a pose.

The French speaking in Japanese

“We are happy to be here – said Alpine CEO Lauren Rossi – not only because it is the home of our partners, but also because Japan is a market dear to our alliance, and for us it is the first to the outside Europe “. And it’s not just a question of opportunity. “There is a lot of Japan in this self – continued Rossi – her lines are her own, her philosophy is inspired by martial arts, kendo, karate, judo”. But with an eye also to tradition, not only for the coloring, but also for certain lines, for the round headlights, a trademark, above all.

Light, very light

All with an interpretation that everyone has defined with the same adjective: radical. And in the name of lightness, guaranteed by carbon fiber, entirely derived from the studies and developments of Formula 1. Suffice it to say that with just 1,082 kg (34 less than the A110 S) compared to 300 horsepower, it promises outstanding performance . The 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km / h from zero already make you imagine a lot. “Radical performance is matched by very radical design,” explained Sovany Ang, vice president of Alpine Product performance. Which illustrated the characteristics of the aerodynamics, the chassis, and the “brilliance” of the car, intended as an idea, as an image that would entice anyone to jump on. “More than to go on a trip – laughed Rossi with the Gazzetta – to go out on the track and have some fun, I have to admit”.

Track suspension

The performances, aided by the specific Michelin tires, supported by the Brembo braking system (with cooling system) promise a certain kind of satisfaction for those who can afford to try it by pushing on the gas. The certified maximum speed is 285 km / h, obviously with rear-wheel drive and 7-speed gearbox. The rear wing is conspicuous: “It is also the daughter of Formula 1 – continued Ang – both in terms of conformation and positioning, all to optimize the load”. With the possibility of various details that act not only on the throttle response but also on the suspensions (which can also be adjusted manually), from Normal to Track, in fact, passing through Sport. With anti-roll bars whose stiffness has been increased by 10% at the front and 25% at the rear. The A110 R will be on the market from November.

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