Also in the Vibonese beaten takes of the colossal “The monk who won the Apocalypse”

They stopped in Zungri filming of the colossal “The monk who won the Apocalypse”by the Italian-American director Jordan Riverproduced by Delta Star Pictureswith the support of Ministry of Culture and the foundation Calabria Film Commission and in collaboration with Ciakalabriawhich is supplying workers and cinematic equipment.

The film traces the story of Joachim of Fiore, Calabrian abbot and theologian, preacher of a “humble and servant of the Lord” church.

The cast boasts professionals of the highest caliber, such as actors Remo Girone, Felicity Jones, Adrian Paul and Bill Hutchensthe set designer Davide De Stefano and the director of photography Gianni Mammolotti. The takes of the colossal are hit in different regions of Italy; in Calabria the main locations chosen for filming are Sila, the Pollino National Park, San Giovanni in Fiore, Cosenza, Cutro, Roseto Capo Spulico, San Sosti.

The wonderful site of the Zungri caves offered the location to the scenes set in Jerusalem: the natural beauties of the place lent themselves well to the scenario that the director and the set designer intended to recreate. To bring the set to Zungri was the actor and all-round professional of the cinema world Costantino Comito (who will play the sultan Saladin in the film), who sensed the potential of the place for the reproduction of the places required by the scenes. “The audiovisual is a fundamental means of territorial promotion – explained Comito -: for Calabria and its villages, cinema can represent a concrete driving force for development, laying the foundations for interesting film tourism projects”.

Great enthusiasm in the village for the arrival, for the first time, of a film set. Satisfied the mayor, Franco Galatiand the director of the site of the caves, Maria Caterina Pietropaolo.

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