“Alternative medicine cures diabetes” 01/2024/19


Since the darkest days of prehistory, humans have been trying to understand disease and find cures. Hundreds of texts and codices talk about methods or practices for treating diseases: prayers, spells, concoctions, etc. Diabetes is one of them, and now, as we start the new year with good wishes of health and happiness, it has It’s handy to have a little reflection on what’s going on in the country. Diabetes kills nearly 100,000 people in Mexico every year. This is a problem that most people are unaware of or ignore, but when it arises, according to the deep-rooted tradition of our country, it can be treated with herbs, teas, , magnets, etc., as well as acupuncture, chiropractic, ozone therapy, massage or Homeopathy; The list of products that can be found on markets across the country confirms the existence of a culture of alternative medicine among millions of our compatriots.


To the death toll we must add the long list of diseases, disabilities and damage that diabetes causes in people who cannot control it: injuries to the brain and eyes, heart, kidneys, limbs leading to amputation, but, nevertheless complications, unhealthy Lifestyle practices continue to prevail among patients and their families, with many continuing to use these “alternative” practices rather than seeking medical attention, although data on their effectiveness are sparse; some patients report improvements in symptoms, health, or quality of life , but studies are almost never done to confirm that diabetes is under control.


Diabetes is a disease whose causes and treatments are well known, and educational campaigns are launched at national and international levels to ensure that everyone who has this disease and will always have it knows it clearly and understands it Its consequences and how to treat it to keep you healthy. The three elements of controlling diabetes are: diet, exercise and medication. The diet must be guided by a nutritionist or endocrinologist based on each person’s clinical data; correct nutrition does not mean a permanent ban on sugar or ridiculous restrictions on the diet, but a sufficient balance of quantity and quality so that the body is correct Manage nutrition. Physical exercise does not mean exercising in the gym for three hours a day, but developing a reasonable body activation plan based on each person’s age and physical condition to achieve a metabolic balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption. Medications must be prescribed by a doctor after evaluating and analyzing laboratory studies; the wide range of medications allows us to find the one that is best for each individual. At the beginning of the year, study yourself and, if you are a diabetic, live your life knowing that today we have everything we need to live satisfactorily with this disease; visit the Mexican Diabetes Federation ( , you will get all the information you need.

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