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Alternative therapies continue to gain popularity as an option for improving emotional and physical health in a conscious and natural way. These practices include past life regression, Tameana, Reiki, Biodecoding, and Access Bars, among others.

In a conversation with ANB, Gladys, a holistic therapist from Bariloche, emphasized the importance of these therapies for those seeking spiritual expansion. “Working on our spiritual side is crucial; without paying attention to our emotions, minds and bodies, it is difficult to understand life and achieve harmonious happiness,” he comments.

Past life regression allows you to access past life memories and experiences through your subconscious mind. Some believe that current trauma and problems may have their roots in past lives, and that remembering those moments can help heal the present. This technique works through hypnosis, guiding the patient to access those memories in their subconscious mind.

Tameana, on the other hand, is an energy therapy that uses body vibrations to release emotional and physical blockages. It uses creative imagination and meditation, combined with each person’s unique vibrational frequency, to achieve balance and harmony in body and mind.

Access Bar is a technique that gently stimulates 32 points on the head, which can release energy from experiences and beliefs, calm the nervous system and improve sleep, etc.

Gladys stresses that these treatments will not replace traditional medicine, but rather complement other forms of treatment.. Although they are not universally recognized by the medical community, their advocates claim they are effective in treating conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Advocates of past life regression believe that accessing these memories can release trauma stored in the subconscious mind, while Tameana focuses on vibrational balance and Access sticks release energy to improve quality of life.

However, universal assessment of the effectiveness of these therapies is complicated by a lack of scientific consensus. Nonetheless, more and more people are incorporating them into their personal care routines and reporting significant changes.

Gladys is a holistic therapist and holistic psychology technician from Bariloche. It strives to promote healing in the spiritual and emotional realms in conjunction with traditional and allopathic medicine.

“My personal life experiences have led me to become a therapist today. I had leukemia for the first time at 25 and a second time at 35. The second time I thought I was going to die. I My life was full of experiences – not just illness – that led me to investigate, study, and apply certain techniques first to myself and then to others. It came not with the intention of becoming a human being, I started Doing this to friends and family, they started sending me people until recently, when I stopped doing business for many years and devoted myself to this career and I felt like this is what I was put into this world to do,” the therapist concluded road.

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