Amal’s marriage proposal was a disaster

George Clooney tells of the disastrous marriage proposal made to Amal Alamuddin, which involuntarily ruined the surprise organized in the smallest details.

George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin I have now been husband and wife for eight years, their love seems not to be scratched by time and their lives are intertwined in an indissoluble way, thanks also to the arrival of their children. Yet despite what appears to be a perfect story, there were also some disastrous moments, such as the actor’s marriage proposal to the English lawyer.

George Clooney’s marriage proposal

The star confessed this to his colleague Drew Barrymore in his “The Drew Barrymore Show“, where he recounted the precise moment in which he asked Amal to become his wife, but what was supposed to be a surprise, then took on the contours of a small disaster, solved immediately given how things went then. Clooney tells: “I put the ring in a drawer then I made dinner. We had only been dating for about six months. ” The idea was to have the girlfriend approach the desk where the jewel was kept, asking her to open the drawer and then discovering what was inside. The lawyer, however, did not understand that her gift was for her and, in fact, she looked at him puzzled and even offended, thinking that it belonged to one of her ex her. When, then, the actor revealed his true intentions, Amal could not say anything other than a big and convinced “yes”.

Love with Amal Alamuddin

Despite the rumors of an alleged crisis between them, Amal and George Clooney seem to be more close-knit than ever, accomplices and compact in the growth of their twins who, as also repeatedly told by the actor, make fun of them by speaking Italian and taking them a little around. Parents and life partners, George and Amal, live a mature love that is nurtured every day: “I never stopped writing her letters, even during the lockdown, I left them on her desk”, said the star.

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