Amanda Seyfried: “At 19 naked on set: I wanted to keep my job”

Amanda Seyfried, interviewed by Porter, retraced her career and her latest professional experiences (we remember the series The Dropout and the film The appearance of things, which we reviewed). An opportunity to dwell, in particular, on the nude scenes shot by her very young.

At nineteen, I was shooting on set without wearing underwear – and I swear I can’t believe it. How could I have let this happen? Oh, I know why: I was nineteen, I didn’t want to bother anyone, and I wanted to keep my job. Here is the reason.

The actress, now thirty-six, made her TV debut in the soap So the world turns (2000-2001) and La valle dei pini (2002-2003), before having a role in the first and second seasons of the series, which many will remember. Veronica Mars (2004-2006). The debut on the big screen took place in 2004, with the film by Mark Waters, Mean Girls, teen movie in which the character she plays, Karen Smith, can predict the weather with her breasts. After the release of the film, Seyfried met many guys who, alluding to this particular ability, asked her if she was going to rain. A unpleasant memoryas the actress confessed to Marie Claire magazine months ago:


I’ve always felt disgusted by this. I was eighteen. He was just lousy.

Amanda Seyfried, has reached a critical point for many actors and actresses, not at ease in shooting scenes without veils or, much more simply, remembering them years later. A problem that takes on even more complex contours when it comes to shooting intimate scenes.


It is no coincidence that, in recent years, an increasing number of American productions are using a new professional figure: intimacy coordinators, whose task is to guarantee the actors / actresses of the film to be able to shoot sex scenes without pressure, in full respect of the sensitivity of each one and of what has been agreed before the actual shooting. Just a few weeks ago, the American union SAG-AFTRA, has undertaken to include the intimacy coordinators among the figures to be represented and protected. The president Fran Drescher (elected in September 2021) stated (source Deadline):

Intimacy coordinators greatly improve safety and well-being on sets and in productions that require intimate scenes. Their value is immeasurable and the SAG-AFTRA national council undertakes to represent them, guaranteeing them the same services and the same protections enjoyed by other members.

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